International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN)

Automobilia and Collectibles

Automobilia may include, but is not limited to: porcelain signs, automobile toys, art, figurines, books and literature, sheet music, mascots, car parts (ex: brass lamps, horns, hub caps, etc), old auto tools, pedal cars, etc. I-VAN's experience and connections in the hobby can produce the proper appraisal of your automobilia.

Insurance for Automobilia and Collectibles

If you collect Automobilia then you should consider having some or all of it appraised to get the proper insurance coverage (and for many of the other same reasons that you would have your collector vehicle appraised). Standard insurance policies often will not cover special collections.

Sale & Purchase

An appraisal can be a tremendous help when selling automobilia and automotive collectibles. It eliminates a lot of haggling or “negotiating” because the market value has been established. The seller and buyer can both feel confident in the fair pricing of the object(s).

Charitable Donation

The IRS requires current proof of value for any gift to an approved 501 (C) 3 charity or eligible museum. An I-VAN appraisal can be used to provide this proof of value.

We can help with the correct paperwork so that you receive the proper tax deduction for donations of automotive collectibles to museums and charities.


Our appraisal assures that either in advance or as a condition of your will, that your heirs receive the real value of your treasured automobilia and automotive collectibles. If you are trying to settle an estate, we can give impartial valuations to help heirs determine how to divide the estate fairly. Larger estates facing estate taxes can also protect against overpayment of taxes.

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