International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN)

I-VAN Appraisers

I-VAN is a nationwide network of Certified Appraisers. I-VAN is made up of very experienced automotive hobbyists who are also automobile appraisers. We understand collectable vehicles, the hobby, and the marketplace. We are active in the hobby and we own the types of cars, trucks, motorcycles, art, and Automobilia that we appraise.

All appraisers must attend I-VAN training, do field training assignments, and home study before certification. Appraisers must also participate in continuous education to maintain their certification.

As a group, we specialize in appraising antique/classic/collectible vehicles. Some of our Certified Appraisers also do Diminished Value, Fraud, and Lemon Law appraisals.

All of I-VAN’s Certified Appraisers guarantee no conflict of interest because we do not restore, buy/sell, paint, fix, transport, export, or insure old cars for a living…

we are hobbyists first and foremost - we own the types of cars we appraise.

Have your car, truck, motorcycle, or Automobilia appraised by a friend…not a stranger!

I-VAN's Founder

I-VAN was founded in February 2001 by Jeff Locke, a life-long automotive hobbyist, who joined the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) in 1969. In 1989, Jeff became an appraiser of antique, classic, and special interest vehicles at the suggestion of Bob Wallace, President of the JC Taylor Insurance Co.

Mr. Locke started I-VAN in 2001 in order to make vehicle appraisals better meet the needs of automotive hobbyists throughout the country at a very reasonable fee. I-VAN provides thousands of vehicle appraisals every year.

Cars We Own

As hobbyists, we have some fun and unique cars. Click here to see some examples.

Clubs We Belong To

Click here to see a list of automotive clubs where I-VAN appraisers are members.