International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN)


Lemon Law*

Did you buy a new car lemon? What is a lemon? In many states, if a new car dealer tries a couple of times to fix a significant reccurring problem, you may have a lemon, even if the problem has been resolved.

Typical complaints that we have inspected and documented as lemon law related have included: brakes, pull or sway to one side or the other, water leakage, excessive wind noise in passenger compartment, ride quality, suspension and drive train, electrical shut off, numerous types of paint/finish problems, inoperative neutral control switch, cruise control failure, etc.

An I-VAN appraisal can document this problem (even if it no longer exists) and the negative effect of the condition on the vehicle’s market value. Without documenting that the vehicle has suffered a loss of value in the marketplace there is really no basis for a lemon law claim. Our experience, appraisals, and expert testimony in this area have helped many people win their lemon law claim against the manufacturers; often resulting in the manufacturer buying back the vehicle, etc.


Expert Witness*

I-VAN appraisers are accepted by courts as expert witnesses.

*note: Only select I-VAN appraisers are certified to do diminished value or lemon law appraisals. Find an appraiser in your area.